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Solvable Professional Grade Solvents

Sponsored: Solvable Professional Grade Solvents have taken the guesswork out of woodwork with proven, professional-quality formulations and easy-to-access information to make each project a success. Solvable takes great pride in meeting professionals’ expectations for thinning paint and coatings, cleaning brushes and HVLP spray guns, and cleaning and refinishing wood and metal surfaces.

Brought to you by Recochem, the leader in high quality solvents for over 65 years; Solvable recognizes that woodworkers and cabinet makers are as much artists as they are fabricators. They know that great results depend on selecting the right pieces of wood and using the right tools for each project. Solvable provides the same breadth of choice for professional-grade solvents because they’re formulated to meet the exacting standards of woodworking and cabinetmaking pros.

Measure twice and pour once. Solvable provides great online resources like the SolvableWorks Selector Tool to help you select the right product to meet and exceed the challenges of any woodworking project. Visit to learn more about their extensive line of quality solvents, download online resources, and gain the confidence to tackle any woodworking project. Solvable Professional Grade Solvents are proudly made in Canada and available at many home improvement retailers across the country.

Solvable Professional Grade Solvents

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