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Sansin announces KP-14, a new vapor permeable barrier coating for wood

Sansin announces KP-14, a new vapor permeable barrier coating for wood

Strathroy, Ontario, Canada – May 30, 2024– The Sansin Corporation has developed environmentally friendly, high-performance wood protection for more than 35 years and today announced the launch of KP-14, a vapor permeable barrier coat for wood. Part of the company’s Precision Coat Factory Finish Line, KP-14 can be applied to engineered wood components like CLT to protect aggressively from moisture absorption.

KP-14 is designed as a moisture protection plan in conjunction with KP-12W for the exposed top sides of CLT panels. This system aggressively protects wood from water absorption while maintaining vapor permeability similarly to bare wood according to EN927-5 and EN927-4 moisture absorption testing. The KP-12W / KP-14 system offers vapor absorption desorption efficiency of 89% comparable to 92% efficiency of bare wood. This distinguishes KP-14 from other membranes that may entrap the water, possibly leading to mold growth, wood rot and decay.


KP-14 is highly durable, and like most Sansin products is water-borne and low in VOCs. KP-14 is a clear coating and can be field or factory applied to the necessary level required to protect the wood and prevent weathering and water absorption during installation phase.

Sansin KP-14

“Architects, engineers, and mass timber builders are committed to creating the best looking, longest-lasting wood and mass timber buildings possible. They are often plagued with moisture management challenges on job sites that can be extremely wet,” said Sjoerd Bos, Sansin’s Managing Director. “KP-14 holds water out similarly to a traditional rubber membrane, while costing a fraction of the price.”

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