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RYOBI introduces over 60 new hobby craft & maker accessory solutions

RYOBI introduces over 60 new hobby craft & maker accessory solutions

Joining the new additions to the RYOBI™ hobby, craft & maker product lineup is an all-encompassing line of accessories that will allow users to tackle any project with a variety of rotary tool attachments for carving, drilling, polishing, sanding and more. These new products will be sold exclusively at select Home Depot stores and

The RYOBI™ selection of chucks, collets & mandrels provides three different options to be used on standard fitment accessories and the new RYOBI™ Twist-Lock™ fitment accessories.

RYOBI™ Chucks, Collets & Mandrel Accessory Solutions

A90CM01 – Standard Rotary Mandrel
A90CM02 – Twist-Lock™ Mandrel
A90CM03A – Multi-Pro Rotary Chuck

The RYOBI™ selection of rotary tool attachments provides versatility and added control in any application. Attachments available include two separate options to be used on select RYOBI™ rotary tools: a cutting guide kit for precise and accurate cuts and a flex shaft attachment that will provide more precision for your RYOBI™ rotary tool.
RYOBI™ Rotary Tool Attachment Solutions

A90CG01A3 – Multi-Purpose Rotary Cutting Kit
A90FS01A – Rotary Flexible Shaft

The RYOBI™ selection of carving & engraving accessories provide ten different solutions that allow carving and engraving in metal, plastic, wood, tile, glass & more.

RYOBI™ Carving & Engraving Accessory Solutions

A90CE01 – 1/16″ Ball Burr
A90CE02 – 1/4″ Cone Burr
A90CE03 – 3/8″ Grooved Disc Burr
A90CE04 – 5/16″ Cylinder Burr
A90CE05 – 1/8″ 1/4″ Ball End Cone Burr
A90CE06 – 1/8″ Carbide Cylindrical Burr*
A90CE07 – 1/8″ Carbide Flat End Burr*
A90CE08 – 1/8″ Carbide Ball End Burr*
A90CE09 – 5/64″ Diamond Tip Burr
A90CE10 – 3/32″ Diamond Tip Burr
*Made in the USA with Global Materials

The RYOBI™ selection of cleaning & polishing accessories provide five different options to clean and polish materials like metal, plastic, and wood without the need for compound.

RYOBI™ Cleaning & Polishing Accessory Solutions

A90CP01 – Felt Polishing Wheel
A90CP02 – Wire Brush Set
A90CP03 – 80-Grit Cleaning Polishing Disc
A90CP04 – 120-Grit Cleaning Polishing Disc
A90CP05 – 220-Grit Cleaning Polishing Disc

The RYOBI™ selection of cutting accessories provide five different options for cutting metal, plastic, wood, tile & masonry materials.

RYOBI™ Cutting Accessory Solutions

A90CT01 – Twist-Lock™ Cut Off Wheel Kit
A90CT02 – Twist-Lock™ Cut Off Wheels (5 pc)
A90CT03 – Twist-Lock™ High Performance Metal Cutting Wheel*
A90CT04 – Twist-Lock™ High Performance Wood Cutting Wheel
A90CT05 – Twist-Lock™ High Performance Masonry/Tile Wheel*
*Made in the USA with Global Materials

The RYOBI™ selection of drilling accessories provide five different options for drilling through wood, metal, plastic, drywall, soft tile & masonry.

RYOBI™ Drilling Accessory Solutions

A90DR01 – Small Drill Bit Set (7 pc)
A90DR02 – 1/8″ Standard Point Bits (8 pc)
A90DR03 – 1/8″ Guide Drywall Bits (8 pc)
A90DR04 – 1/8″ Wood & Plastic Bits (4 pc)
A90DR05 – 1/8″ Tile Cutting Bit

The RYOBI™ selection of sanding accessories provide five different options with various grits for sanding metal, plastic, and wood.

RYOBI™ Sanding Accessory Solutions

A90DS01 – 60-Grit Sanding Bands (10 pc)*
A90DS02 – 120-Grit Sanding Bands (10 pc)*
A90DS03 – 240-Grit Sanding Bands (10 pc)*
A90DS04 – 80-Grit Sanding Flapwheel
A90DS05 – 120-Grit Sanding Flapwheel
A90DS06 – Sanding Band Mandrel
A90DS07 – Assorted Sand Disc Pack (60-Grit, 120-Grit, 240-Grit)
*Made in the USA with Global Materials

The RYOBI™ selection of grinding & sharpening accessories provide seven different solutions for metal grinding, rust removal, deburring, and chainsaw sharpening.

RYOBI™ Grinding & Sharpening Accessory Solutions

A90GS01 – 5/32″ General Grinding Stones (2 pc)
A90GS02 – Assorted Chainsaw Sharpening Stones (3 pc)
A90GS03 – 1/2″ Cylinder Grinding Stone
A90GS04 – 3/8″ Arch Grinding Stone
A90GS05 – 5/16″ Pointed-Cone Stones (2 pc)
A90GS06 – 3/16″ Silicon Carbide Stones (2 pc)
A90GS07 – 1-1/2″ Metal Grinding Wheels (2 pc)

The RYOBI™ 1/4″ straight routing bit is an excellent solution allowing users to edge wood using any RYOBI™ rotary tool.

RYOBI™ Routing Accessory Solutions

A90RT01 – 1/4″ Straight Routing Bit

The RYOBI™ selection of grout removal accessories provide two solutions for removing grout between wall and floor tiles.

RYOBI™ Grout Removal Accessory Solutions

A90GT01 – 1/16″ Grout Removal Bit
A90GT02 – 1/8″ Grout Removal Bit

The RYOBI™ selection of material removal accessories provide six solutions ideal for flowing, concave, and v-shaped cuts, offering up to 13x more material removal than standard burrs. Available in both coarse and smooth finishes, these burrs are proudly made in the USA.

RYOBI™ Material Removal Accessory Solutions

A90MR01 – Coarse Flame Material Removal Burr
A90MR02 – Smooth Flame Material Removal Burr
A90MR03 – Coarse Sphere Material Removal Burr
A90MR04 – Smooth Sphere Material Removal Burr
A90MR05 – Coarse Taper Material Removal Burr
A90MR06 – Smooth Taper Material Removal Burr

RYOBI™ will offer several accessory kits that will come in a variety of size ranging from 12 pcs to 150 pcs. These kits will include a variety of rotary tool accessories that will be ideal for any application utilizing a RYOBI™ rotary tool. Each set will contain interchangeable bit bars that can interchange with RYOBI™ drilling and driving bit cases as well as the RYOBI™ LINK Modular Storage System.

RYOBI™ Accessory Kit Solutions

A90AS12TWKT – 12 pc. Twist-Lock™ Cutting Kit
A90AS16 – 16 pc. Carving & Engraving Kit
A90AS27 – 27 pc. Sanding & Grinding Kit
A90AS29 – 29 pc. Sanding & Polishing Kit
A90AS37 – 37 pc. All-Purpose Kit
A90AS120 – 120 pc. All-Purpose Kit
A90AS150 – 150 pc. Twist-Lock™ All-Purpose Kit

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