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Rikon 10" portable table saw with stand

Sponsored: A must-have for homeowners, small shops and contractors, this portable saw (#11-600S) has a power­ful 2HP, 15A, 110V variable speed motor that has the strength to tackle any project. Selecting the proper blade speed allows the user to dial in precision and performance for each type of material to be cut. This technology retains torque throughout the cut to prevent burning of material and premature dulling of blades. This portable saw has all the fea­tures of a large shop saw, including a quick-release blade guard, riving knife for through cuts, the capability of cutting 13/16″ dadoes, and rack and pinion gearing for rapid blade height adjustments. Includes portable, foldable stand for easy transport and storage. Wired for use with 3-wire 120V receptacles. $1,125. For more information visit

Rikon 10″ portable table saw with stand

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