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Replacing the irreplaceable 

Replacing the irreplaceable 

Teak (Tectona grandis), native to Myanmar, is famous for its resistance to adverse climates and pests, and its smooth contact with the skin. Its dimensional stability, and classic, sophisticated look and colour make teak a favourite option for outdoor and indoor projects.

Thirty years ago, Myanmar, the world’s primary supplier of old-growth teak, made clear that harvesting of their precious old-growth teak logs had to stop. This meant that the supply of quality teak would eventually dry up even in the face of high demand at virtually any price.

With this development Mys-TEAK began. Mys-TEAK is not just a name. It’s a concept and a vision to provide the teak industry with a quality, viable product to replace old-growth teak. Our teak is FSC certified and our custody chain, as with everything we do, is 100% transparent. We have managed our production chain from the seed to the final user and have decades of teak growth experience.

Mysteak teak lumber

Mys-TEAK carefully manages, prunes, thins and tracks our tree growth and health so as to provide the best sustainably grown, high-quality teak possible. Our grading system has been designed with existing teak industry needs in mind and we offer a variety of grades and prices to ensure the best value possible to the prospective client. This also allows us to use as much of the tree as possible, thus reducing the waste of a valuable resource and lowering prices to the consumer in the process.

Teak can be a challenge to mill therefore we use top-quality saws and sawyers. All our teak is fully kiln dried and heat treated before shipping.

We believe that our attention to the many small details throughout the entire growth and production chain ultimately leads to a far superior product – one that, for most traditional uses of old-growth teak, can easily be met by Mys-TEAK Sustainable Teak at substantially lower prices with zero environmental damage.

Our primary task is none other than to replace the irreplaceable so that this beautiful and incredibly versatile wood can still fulfill its demand in traditional markets, such as boat building, furniture, decking and flooring.

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Mysteak teak lumber

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  2. Had used Teak in the boat building industry for years and have tried alternatives since and there is nothing that replaces Teak. Great to see you producing a product that will fill that gap in the wood industry. All the best.

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