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Power up with a helical spiral cutterhead

Power up with a helical spiral cutterhead

Based in Sooke, BC, is a leading Canadian online retailer of professional cutting tools for woodworkers. They offer an extensive line of spiral cutter heads to upgrade your jointer or planer, as well as conventional planer and jointer blades, molding knives, and shaper cutters. ships worldwide.

SHELIX Helical Cutter Heads are available for a wide range of popular planers and jointers.

A SHELIX head in your jointer or planer combines the advantages of: Shear, Helix and Spiral tooth action:

1. SPIRALLED STAGGER TOOTH to break up chips for dust collection systems and to reduce horsepower requirements;
2. SHEAR to give clean cutting action; and
3. HELIX to assist the chip flow.


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