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Portable folding worktable doubles as a sawhorse

Portable folding worktable doubles as a sawhorse

Toronto, ONT – When it comes to workstations, it’s hard to beat the portability and versatility of the WORX® Pegasus™ Folding Worktable andWX051-image-7.jpg Sawhorse. This double-duty workbench provides a flat working surface with two built-in aluminum channels to hold two, 18 in. quick-clamps. Random table slots on the tabletop house clamp dogs to secure workpieces.

WX051-image-10.jpgThe 30 lb. Pegasus has a 31 in. x 25 in. tabletop and supports loads up to 300 lbs. This innovative workstation interlocks with other Pegasus tabletops (optional) through Link-Lock, a method of connecting both workstations together. Combined, this expanded work surface is handy for cutting 2x4s with a miter saw; as an outfeed extension and other applications. Ideally, two Pegasus Folding Worktables and Sawhorses makes working with sheet goods much easier.

The quick-clamps secure wood to be cut, glued, sanded, polished, stained and more. Their maximum clamping width is 18 in. For storage, the clamps lock in place beneath the table when it’s used as a sawhorse. Plus, strategically placed slots in the tabletop house four clamp dogs (included) to secure circular and irregular-shaped workpieces.

Converting from worktable to a sawhorse is quick and easy. The tabletop’s extension wings are braced beneath the table with steel struts. By releasing the struts, the table wings fold down and lay flat until converted back into the worktable. Notched slots at both ends of the sawhorse are designed to hold 2×4’s to elevate 4×8 sheet goods for clamping and cutting without cutting into the sawhorse.

When set up as a sawhorse, it supports loads up to 1,000 lbs. The worktable stands at a comfortable working height of 32 in. When folded for storage or transport, it measures 35-1/2 x 15-3/4 in x 6 in.

Other features of the worktable/sawhorse include recessed tool cavities to hold fasteners, and small parts, plus a folding tool tray at the base of theWX051-image-1.jpg worktable, sets up support for frequently used tools.

The Pegasus Worktable includes two 18 in. quick-clamps and four clamp dogs for securing workpieces on the tabletop.

The WORX Pegasus Folding Worktable and Sawhorse (WX051) is available at The worktable is backed by the WORX six-year limited warranty.

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