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FEIN and Manpa provide the ultimate way to carve, sculpt and texture wood

FEIN and Manpa provide the ultimate way to carve, sculpt and texture wood

MANPA multi-cutters deliver smooth, clean, effortless omni-directional cutting in any wood species. Installed on a FEIN 4-1/2″ angle grinder (model 40005) with a thumb controlled on/off slide switch, you get the power and versatility you need to carve, sculpt and texture wood safely and easily.

There are 4 FEIN/MANPA combos. Each combo comes with a FEIN angle grinder and a 2″ or 3″ MANPA cutter head in either a Basic or Master configuration.  The Basic models contain an 8″ extension bar, while the Master models contain 8″, 10-1/2″ and 14″ bars. Extension bars determine the distance the cutter head is from the head of the grinder. The cutter head bar can be positioned from 90° to 180° on the grinder.

The MANPA/FEIN carving system cuts incredibly fast, smooth and controlled, whether in pushing away or pulling toward you. It can be used in a myriad of general carving and texturing applications by all carvers and turners. This versatility, with extended reach and angles, will allow you to greatly improve your productivity and creativity.

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