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OLFA Unveils New MXP Series Utility Knives

Die-Cast from Aluminum to be a Supremely Sharp Jobsite Tool
The new MXP-AL and MXP-L aluminum knives come with either the auto-lock or ratchet-lock


ROSEMONT, Ill., 2019 – The most-used tool in the toolbox just became one of the toughest. Introducing the new OLFA MXP-L and MXP-AL Die-Cast Aluminum Utility Knives, specifically designed from one uniform piece of durable aluminum. The die-cast handles add a level of precision to the design that increases both user comfort and the knives’ rugged durability.

OLFA Unveils New MXP Series Utility Knives

Covering the stainless steel blade channel, the die-cast aluminum knife handles feature an anti-slip grip that wraps around the back of the tool. The knives come in two variations. The MXP-L features OLFA’s classic ratchet locking mechanism, with an oversized design for greater control. It’s designed as a single piece of metal, pressure-formed for durability.

The MXP-AL features an oversized auto-locking mechanism that slides to the perfect length and stays put. Its ultra-slim profile doesn’t interfere with the grip, making it comfortable to hold in the hand. Both knives also feature a tethering hole at the end of the tool, so securing it is easy.

“The aluminum die-cast bodies of the MXP-L and MXP-AL bring a new level of lightweight durability to our lineup,” said OLFA Brand Manager Cassie Donnelly. “The oversized grip fits comfortably in your hand and the rubber wrap-around grip helps wick moisture away from the handle and maintain control of the knife. Plus, their all-metal design makes them more durable than ever before.”

Both knives feature the OLFA Ultra-Sharp Black Premium blades, which are double-honed to be 25 percent sharper than standard silver blades. This precise angle and initial sharpness delivers a super clean and smooth cut for almost any application. Plus, each blade comes with eight snap-off edges, so the knife is always sharp. Each new cutting edge is quickly accessible without a user ever having to fumble with a blade change: Simply snap off the blade for a fresh cutting edge. Changing out full blades is always quick, easy and tool free.

OLFA MXP-L and MXP-AL Die-Cast Aluminum Utility Knives are available now.

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