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New WORX Nitro 40V 2-in-1 14-inch dethatcher

New WORX Nitro 40V 2-in-1 14-inch dethatcher

Charlotte, NC ─ The new WORX® Nitro 40V 2-in-1, 14 in. Dethatcher features two removable, revolving reels; one for dethatching and the other for scarifying to manage thatch buildup in the lawn. Spring and fall are the best times for dethatching the lawn which helps it to breathe, making the soil easier to absorb moisture and nutrients for a healthier lawn.

This cordless, 2-in-1 yard machine dethatches a lawn to remove compacted grass clippings, weeds and moss that prevents oxygen, moisture and nutrients from reaching the soil for a healthy root base.

When the grass is thick and dense, with thatch build up, it’s recommended to scarify the lawn, which is more aggressive than standard dethatching. Scarifying blades dig deep into the soil creating crevices or slits in the soil. After scarifying, ideally homeowners should follow-up by seeding the lawn with a rotary or drop spreader. This sends seeds into the deep slits to facilitate future growth, much like the function of a slit-seeder machine. Watering the lawn afterwards helps foster future growth.

The 40V dethatcher features a dependable highly-efficient brushless motor that provides up to 50 percent longer run time, 25 percent more power and 10 times longer life than standard brushed motors. The brushless motor runs cooler with less friction and heat buildup than conventional motors, resulting in smooth, reliable operation and extended tool life.

The 2-in-1 14 in. dethatcher combines two WORX 20V 4.0Ah MAX lithium batteries to deliver 40V of power. Each battery has a charge level indicator to monitor charge levels. Plus, the WORX 20V batteries are compatible with up to 100 other WORX 20V, 40V and 80V lawn and garden, DIY tools and lifestyle products for cost savings and convenience.

The WORX 40V, 14 in. Dethatcher weighs 27.7 lbs. (with batteries), and is easy to operate with its pushbutton start. It develops no-load speeds up to 3400 rpm.

A single lever sets four height adjustments. Level +1 removes approximately 1/4 in. of thatch above ground. Level 0 removes 1/8 in. above ground, while level -1 takes away ¼ in. below ground level and level -2 removes 3/8 in. below ground. It’s recommended to start out with level 0 first before moving to a more aggressive removal rate. Removal rate may vary based on grass type and season.

For best results, dethatch lawns in spring and/or fall depending on thatch buildup. Grass should be examined up close for an underlying layer of thatch, which looks like a matting of grayish-brown stems stuck together. When there’s an inch or more of thatch above the soil level, it’s time to dethatch. When using the WORX dethatcher, move at a slow, but steady pace and do not linger in one area.

For best results before dethatching, lower the mower deck half-way and mow the lawn first before dethatching. Do not dethatch when the grass is wet or damp, or when the grass is higher than 3 in.

The WORX 40V 14 in. Dethatcher features two dethatching reels, a comfort-wrapped adjustable handle that folds down for collapsible storage, a 1.1 bushel collection bag, two 20V 4.0Ah batteries, and a 4 amp dual-port charger. The dethatcher is covered by the WORX five-year limited warranty.

The WORX 40V 2-in-1 14 in. Dethatcher (WG855, $419.99) is available at and Amazon. A bare tool version, minus the batteries and charger (WG855.9, $269.99) also is available at

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