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New marking knife from Woodpeckers

New marking knife from Woodpeckers

Strongsville, OH – Northeast Ohio tool manufacturer, Woodpeckers, recently launched a new interchangeable blade Marking Knife. The included blade comes razor-sharp and ready to go. The spearpoint design allows precise marking on either side of a reference tool. Marking knives cut a layout line about 10 times narrower than the average pencil line, but even better, they cut a tiny groove that gives your hand tools a physical registration. The blade is fixed to the handle with a collet similar to ones found on craft knives. With a spare blade (sold separately) you can have a fresh edge in your knife in a couple seconds. The handle is turned from aircraft-grade aluminum on Woodpeckers Swiss precision CNC lathes and anodized for appearance and surface protection.

Woodpeckers has focused on the needs of hobbyist woodworkers since 1988 and began manufacturing the majority of their offerings in 1993. The company makes precision layout tools, router tables and lifts, innovative clamping tools, carbide-tipped woodturning tools, carbide router bits, carbide-tipped saw blades and a wide variety of helpful shop products. Their facility houses a vast array of computer-controlled mills and lathes and employs nearly 200 skilled American workers.

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