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New, interior door spray & dry system from PaintLine

New, interior door spray & dry system from PaintLine

Menlo Park, CA (February 24, 2023) PaintLine has just introduced the Interior Door Spray and Dry System PSDRID, which allows a single operator to paint, finish and dry up to 20 full-sized doors in a minimum of work space and labor time. The PSDRID System has a foot-operated turntable and bottom-edge, screw-in door stands, so operators can spray all sides of a door while they are standing in a stationary position.

The PSDRID’s hinge hole V-clips and door latch lift handles are employed for lifting newly painted doors from the turntable to a drying area. Multiple doors of varying sizes can be closely nested together after painting, reducing drying space and promoting easy access for door installation. The PSDRID available now for pre-order, with shipping in early May. The MSRP is $785.00

For more information visit painline.

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