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New FEIN accessory sets

New FEIN accessory sets

The new FEIN accessory sets for multitools are perfectly matched to users’ requirements

Since FEIN invented the MULTIMASTER over 50 years ago, it has been a huge success worldwide. Users see the multitool as an excellent universal problem-solver that they can use to complete sawing and sanding work at speed. A major key to the thousands of potential application solutions are the high-quality and long-life accessories.

FEIN’s portfolio includes more than 180 accessories for FEIN multitools and tools from other brands, making it the largest range available anywhere in the world.

Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax are the three classes of accessories developed by FEIN to match the performance of its tools and to achieve maximum transmission of power from tool to accessory.

FEIN has created new accessory sets for of its most popular and best Starlock accessories.

Simplicity for the user

Professionals, like window installers, carpenters, painters and metalworkers can select the accessory set that best matches their work and benefit from the value of set pricing. The new application-focused accessory sets for multitools are designed so that the user can see, at a glance, which accessories are included in the sets and the jobs for which they can be used.

Three types of sets

“Best of sets” include the most popular and best accessories for sawing and sanding work for both woodworking and metalworking. This makes the sets ideal for joinery, carpentry and interior renovation work. For example, the “Best of Metal” sets up metalworkers and fitters perfectly for flexible work. “Best of sets” are available in Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax performance classes.

“Combo sets” contain three key accessories for special applications. They assist users working on flooring renovation jobs, sawing wood and metal, repairing tiled surfaces or cutting in tight spaces like in installations or model-building work. Combo sets come in the Starlock performance class.

“Professional sets” contain accessories for FEIN’s most powerful multitool, the MULTIMASTER 700 with StarlockMax tool mounting. The sets contain accessories for interior work and grout renewal.


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