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Narex hook knives at Lee Valley Tools

Sponsored: Used for hollowing concave forms, these hook knives are designed to take a paring cut, permitting excellent control. The steel blades come sharpened and honed to a keen edge, and the thick 4-1/2″ long beech handles have an oval shape that fits comfortably in the palm. The roughing blade has a more pronounced curve (approximately 1/2″ radius) for rapid material removal; the shallow-cutting blade is curved to a 1-1/4″ radius for finishing cuts. The sets are offered with one roughing knife and one shallow knife in right-hand and left-hand models. You may need only the version that suits your dominant hand, although they are complementary, since having both gives you greater flexibility to accommodate changes in grain direction. For more information, visit

Narex hook knives at Lee Valley Tools

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