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MPOWER Tools Ltd now ships from Canada

MPOWER Tools Ltd now ships from Canada

Near 30 years ago MPOWER Tools Ltd started life in a small and picturesque village a few miles east of Stonehenge in the UK.

All MPOWER’s woodworking tools would be a high-quality blend of unique solution-based multi-functional products, well made and efficient with a certain beauty to them, All Made in Britain…

Seduced by the lure of the largest tool buying market in the world, MPOWER crossed the pond and over a period of 20 years rolled out all its products through a limited number of discerning retailers in North America.

With a huge leap of faith and no recognizable paperwork, Tobias packed his bag and immigrated on his own to Canada, to be part of the great North American experience.

Nowadays MPOWER counts its sales in the 10’s of thousands and exports to 16 different countries…

Canadian customers can now buy MPOWER Tools direct from MPOWER in Canada.

Finally, Canadian woodworkers can buy direct from the people who actually designed, developed and manufactured MPOWER tools – shipped to them out of Brockville Ontario.

To see the full line of MPOWER tools visit the new

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