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Most read articles in 2021

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Most read articles in 2021

Our top 10 most popular articles from 2021.

12 Ways To Add Texture With Tools You Already Have

If you can open your eyes to what else your tools can do, you will start to look at your cherished tool collection in a whole new light.

12 ways to add texture

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Tung Oil: Debunking the Myths

Take a closer look at this common finish; there are many things we can all learn about this ancient, and misunderstood, substance.

Tung Oil

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Making a dollhouse is much like building a conventional house – it takes time and patience. While there are a lot of pieces to this challenging project, they are not overly complicated to cut and assemble.


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Build A Patio Harvest Table

There’s something about the simplicity of a table, and the joy of sharing a meal with friends around a handcrafted piece of furniture that brings a smile to the heart. What makes this table even more attractive to build is the fact that it looks a lot more difficult to build than it actually is.

harvest table

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How to Measure for and Cut Custom Exterior Stair Stringers

With a logical approach, and a little know-how, creating custom stair stringers can be an efficient and enjoyable project.

stair stringers

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Streamlined Workbench

A good workbench is one of the most important tools in a workshop.

streamlined workbench

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Desktop CNC Machines

The top four desktop CNC options for the hobby or small professional workshop.

CNC Shark

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Rabbets, Dados and Grooves

Rabbets, dados and grooves are basic forms of joinery found in most woodworking projects. Learning to do them correctly will give your woodworking skills a solid foundation.

router skills

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Build an Electric Guitar – Without the Fancy Tools

If you’ve ever thought of building an electric guitar but didn’t like the idea of needing a number of specialized tools, we’ve got a surprise for you. This method allows you to make an incredible instrument without any specialized luthier tools.

electric guitar

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“C” Cab Stake Truck

Here is a cool toy that you can build over a few evenings or on the weekend. For even greater enjoyment build it with a young friend at hand. Leave it ‘au naturel’ or apply a custom paint job.

c cab stake truck

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