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More innovations in store from Oneida Air Systems at this year’s IWF

More innovations in store from Oneida Air Systems at this year’s IWF

SYRACUSE, NY (August 18, 2022) – Always at the forefront of dust collection innovation and design, Oneida Air Systems will be showcasing several new product concepts at IWF booth B4735. Here are some pre-release details.

Expanding on their line of unique Smart Boost® dust collectors with variable speed fan motors, Oneida Air introduces a right-sized system geared toward small-to-medium-sized CNCs with up to 6” inlets. To maximize suction at the dust producing tool, Oneida Air’s Smart Boost technology automatically optimizes CFM and static pressure by adjusting the dust collector’s fan speed (RPM). This allows the collector to deliver up to twice the airflow and pressure of a standard fixed RPM collector.

Oneida Air has also developed two new configurations under their BenchTop brand. The first is a compact version for general woodworking activities; the second is a stainless-steel, HEPA-grade unit for industrial use. Two years ago the BenchTop DC was introduced as a dust collection solution for handheld tools lacking dust ports. When placed behind the dust source, the collector creates a safe breathing zone by drawing the dust away from the woodworker.

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