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MiterSet Segments at KMS Tools

MiterSet Segments at KMS Tools

This mitre gauge jig makes it easy to cut precise glue-up ready segments on your table saw. No sanding. No gaps. No waste. Made of laser-etched anodized aluminum with a standard 3/4″ mitre gauge slot, the jig features numbered holes—from 4 to 20—that correspond to the segments in your project. MiterSet Segments is simple to use: Position your mitre gauge in the jig’s mitre slot. Place one pin at zero and the other in the hole next to the number of segments you want to cut. Align your mitre gauge to the pins, and lock it down. Now your mitre gauge is set to the correct angle for cutting tight, accurate segments. To learn more, call KMS Tools at 1-888-386-8075 or visit

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