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Milwaukee introduces Torch with nitrus carbide blade for medium metals

Milwaukee introduces Torch with nitrus carbide blade for medium metals

MISSAUGA, ON- Milwaukee Tool continues to enhance user experience with the launch of the new MILWAUKEE® TORCH™ with NITRUS CARBIDE™ Blade for Medium Metals. These blades offer a best-in-class cutting solution for medium metal applications by delivering the fastest cuts and longest life.

The NITRUS CARBIDE™ Medium Metal Blade has unmatched life in conduit and strut, allowing users to get more done with fewer blade changes throughout their workday. With a longer life, users reduce the number of trips spent purchasing replacement blades, saving time and money. This solution delivers increased performance versus carbide blades alone in medium-thickness metals such as Conduit, Strut, Angle Iron, and Stainless Steel. Engineered to dissipate heat better than any other demolition blade on the market, these blades deliver the fastest and smoothest cuts. NITRUS CARBIDE™ offers a disruptive performance for electricians, plumbers, and mechanical contractors by providing smooth, clean cuts with its 10TPI SAWZALL® blade.

Milwaukee also introduces their new TORCH™ with Carbide Teeth for Medium Metal Blades. The blade’s Carbide Teeth technology allows users to cut faster, cut more, and cut longer in medium metal applications. With a 50X Longer Life versus Bi-Metal Blades, this solution delivers longer, smoother and faster cuts in EMT Conduit, Strut, Rigid Conduit, Stainless Steel Pipe and Stainless-Steel Strut.

The new additions within the TORCH™ family lineup continue to deliver the ultimate performance in a range of metal applications from thin to thick metals. Milwaukee is committed to innovative solutions for trade professionals and is continually setting standards in jobsite efficiency and safety.

For more information visit milwuakeetool.ca

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