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Metabo introduces the W11 series 18V angle grinders

Metabo introduces the W11 series 18V angle grinders

March 2023 – Metabo Corporation, a leading German international manufacturer of professional-grade cordless and corded hand-held power tools and accessories in the US, introduces their W11 Series of 18V Angle Grinders.

“Metabo is excited to welcome in the next generation of 18V small angle grinders, manufactured in Germany. The new grinders are packed with Metabo’s industry leading safety features and offer outstanding overload protection for non-stop performance”, said Joseph Masters, Metabo’s Senior Product Manager.

The new W11 series of 18V small angle grinders include the 4 ½”-5” WPB 18 LTX BL 11-125 Quick, available as a bare tool or kit (613059830 bare) (613059520 5.5 kit). The grinder features a powerful and fully encapsulated 10,000 RPM, 1100 watt/11-amp equivalent brushless motor for high performance and low maintenance. Metabo offers a 6” version, the WPB 18 LTX BL 11-150 Quick, available as either a bare tool or kit (601737830 bare) (601737620 5.5 kit). The 6” kit includes both 6” guards for cutting and 4-½” guards for grinding applications. The third grinder, the 4 ½”-5 WVPB 18 LT BL 11-125 Quick (601738830 bare) is a variable speed grinder with a no-load speed of 2,800-10,000 RPM.

Each end-user has a different set of working conditions and challenges. Metabo’s mission is to improve and relieve several of those conditions and challenges with help from Metabo’s power tools and accessories. Metabo’s new W11 series of 18V grinders are a step in that direction with more power and a focus on safety. The W11 series come with features like soft start, Metabo’s M-Quick tool free wheel change system, mechanical safety clutch, safety brake, non-locking paddle switch and overload protection for longer motor service life. Other highlights are Metabo’s TC (Tacho-Constamatic) electronics for speed stabilization and maximized productivity. The W11 series grinders are made for applications like, weld cleaning and removal, beveling and chamfering, fabricating metal, when working on metal stairs and railings.

The new grinders have enhanced handling and ergonomics with upgraded body style and 4-position lock-on rotatable battery foot, enabling end-users’ better access in tight workspaces. The newly designed flange and guard enable the W11 series grinders to be compatible with all Metabo accessories that fit the corded range of grinders (i.e., Metabo’s GED dustless guard for concrete surface grinding, or Metabo’s tuckpointing guard).

Metabo grinders have been long known in the industry for safety, reliability, and performance. Whether working in maintenance and repair work or as construction laborer, welder, cutter, solderers, or braziers or as an industrial machine mechanic, Metabo has a grinder to meet the end-users’ needs and applications.

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