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Be a Carving Wizard with the Merlin 2 angle grinder

Be a Carving Wizard with the Merlin 2 angle grinder

The MERLIN2 is a miniature, long neck angle grinder available in both variable speed and fixed speed, 110-115 volt and 220-230 volt models. It’s an excellent choice for woodturning, wood carving, metalwork, miniature woodworking and finish work.

The Merlin2 Variable Speed Universal Carving Set is the entry-level system containing the miniature angle grinder and six accessories for cutting, shaping and sanding. It’s a good all round starter set and great for miniature woodcarving, woodworking, D-I-Y’s and metal work. The set includes the 8 tooth “Smallest Chainsaw in the World” – unbeatable for small woodcarving and sculpting.  The mini grinder’s variable speed also gives you excellent control over every one of the accessories – from slow to fast speeds, you’re in the driver’s seat! A fixed speed model that runs at 15,000 RPM is also available.

For more details on all the MERLIN2 carving sets visit KATOOLS.com


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