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Live edge charcuterie boards

With the holiday season just around the corner, impress your guests with a handmade charcuterie board. Nothing beats the natural aesthetic of a live edge board paired with savoury meats and cheeses. Hungry yet? Me too. KJP Select Hardwoods offers live edge charcuterie boards in 10 different wood species and 3 different lengths. Each and every board is one of a kind and their staff take the time to personally select a board they know you will love – or they’ll make it right.


They also offer discounts in bulk to help keep your costs down. These boards are ideal for novice and experienced woodworkers. For the beginner, these can quickly be sanded and oiled and you’re done. For the experienced woodworker, grab your jigsaw and create a handle profile to take the board to the next level. Up for even more of a challenge? Router out an image or a word and fill with epoxy


Charcuterie boards are such a fun way to play around with your skills and make it your own. KJP strives to be your Canadian source for high quality wood and wood products. Purchasing wood online from KJP is a quick and easy experience and knowing that your wood has been selected by woodworkers should help provide the quality assurance you deserve.


When your guests ask where did you purchase your character board, you can proudly say “I made it!”.


Shop KJP live edge charcuterie boards here.

Live edge charcuterie boards

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