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Leitz BrillianceCut Wins Visionary Award at AWFS 2017

Leitz BrillianceCut Circular Saw Blades Win Visionary Award at the 2017 AWFS Fair
Grand Rapids, MI – Leitz is honored to announce the innovative, new BrillianceCut Circular Saw Blade has won the 2017 Visionary Award in the Tooling category at the AWFS 2017 Fair.  Leitz BrillianceCut circular saw blades eliminate the need for grinding or polishing for acrylic glass (PMMA), polycarbonate panels (PC), and other plastics and compound materials, saving you the time and expense of additional finishing work.

The BrillianceCut circular saw blades are available from stock with diameters of 350, 380, 400 and 450 mm for all standard panel sizing sawing machines.

For users working with special machines, Leitz offers special production of this new type of saw blade.  For more information, contact your Leitz rep or call 800-253-6070.

Every other year, the AWFS Visionary New Product Awards recognize creativity and innovation as well as leadership in green/environmental product development.

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