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Leigh VRS1200 Vacuum and Router Support

Leigh VRS1200 Vacuum and Router Support

Support for for Porter-Cable 4200 Dovetail Jigs

Leigh’s Vacuum & Router Support, model VRS1200, works with all Porter-Cable 4200 series dovetail jigs. The VRS1200 collects nearly 100% of dust and chips and the full width beam provides exceptional router support.

Routers and dovetail jigs produce large amounts of dust and chips. With the innovative Leigh VRS1200 Vacuum & Router Support, Porter-Cable dovetail jig owners can enjoy almost dust-free routing. The Leigh VRS1200 Vacuum & Router Support features patented technology developed by Leigh Industries Ltd. in Canada.

If the router tips during routing, the accuracy of the joint will be affected. The full width router support of the VRS1200 ensures the router sits flat when routing and safely out of the way when making board changes.

Quick One-Time Setup:

1. Install support brackets
2. Level the beam and template
3. Attach the vacuum hose

The one-time setup takes only 15 minutes! The VRS1200 mounts quickly and easily — No jig modification required. Simply install the VRS1200 support brackets, level the beam with the template, attach the vacuum hose, and you’re done.

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