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Lee Valley Bow Saw

Sponsored: For working on curved forms, these tools offer a simple, effective way to sand contours evenly without digging in. Designed to work with standard sanding belts, they keep the belt tensioned firmly between two ends of a sturdy fiberglass bow. Large knobs at either end let you use a comfortable two-handed grip, helping prevent hand strain when sanding vigorously. The small bow is about 10″ long and the large is about 16″. Each bow comes with one 2″ x 36″ 120x belt, but you can use any 1″ or 2″ wide belt or abrasive strip in any grit, provided it is of suitable length (minimum 18″ for the small and 24″ for the large). Visit LeeValleyTools.com for more information.

Lee Valley Bow Saw

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