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LEDVANCE An Industry First Innovation that Redfines Flexibility in Outdoor Area Lighting with its Field Adjustable Distribution. No Lens Swap Needed.

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – LEDVANCE is excited to unveil its newest innovation in outdoor lighting the OPTI-SELECT AREA LIGHT, marking a groundbreaking advancement.

This product introduces an industry-first feature: OPTI-SELECT – Field Adjustable Distribution. Offering field adjustable distribution without the need for lens changes, embodying unmatched versatility and simplicity.

Ligia Orlandini, Product Manager at LEDVANCE, passionately articulates the distinct advantage of the OPTI-SELECT AREA LIGHT, stating:

“The OPTI-SELECT AREA LIGHT is a testament to LEDVANCE’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and design. Our product revolutionizes the outdoor lighting experience by offering an industry first level of adaptability and convenience.”

“Unlike other options on the market, that require manual lens changes, the OPTI-SELECT AREA LIGHT simplifies field adjustments with a mere turn of a switch. This means no more lens swapping, no tools required, and no risk of compromising IP65 ratings due to repeated handling. We’re proud to offer a solution that not only saves time but also enhances the integrity and reliability of your lighting installations.”

The LEDVANCE OPTI-SELECT AREA LIGHT stands out by integrating the innovative Field Adjustable Distribution technology, allowing for seamless switching between Type III, IV, and V distributions without changing lenses. This revolutionary feature allows for 27 unique SKUs in one product, including selectable options of three Correlated Color Temperatures (CCTs), three lumen outputs, and three optical distributions, ensuring a perfect match for any outdoor lighting scenario.

This innovation significantly simplifies the stocking and ordering process for distributors and contractors. With the OPTI-SELECT AREA LIGHT, the necessity for custom orders well in advance is eliminated, allowing distributors to maintain inventory more efficiently and contractors to simplify project requirements by utilizing one product to meet their various needs, streamlining project timelines. Contractors can truly now use one product and adjust the distribution in seconds if needed.

The OPTI-SELECT AREA LIGHT is a testament to LEDVANCE’s leadership in technological innovation, featuring:

  • Field Adjustable Distribution capabilities allow for Type III, IV, and V distributions within a single product without the need for separate lenses.
  • Simplified installation requiring only a flathead screwdriver for distribution adjustments.
  • A comprehensive solution of 27 SKUs in one, with three Correlated Color Temperatures (CCTs), three lumen outputs, and three distributions.
  • A Universal Mounting Bracket, solidifying its status as a true all-in-one product.
  • LEDVANCE LINK technology for field-installable screw-in Bluetooth mesh controls and sensors.
  • Ample 10KV surge protection
  • Distinctive LEDVANCE Scale Design

For further information about the LEDVANCE OPTI-SELECT AREA LIGHT and our full range of innovative lighting solutions, please visit or contact your LEDVANCE sales representative to preorder.

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