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LED Compact Cordless Site Light

Milwaukee Launches Cordless High-Output Area Light
MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Tool continues to expand their Lighting Solutions with the introduction of the M18 RADIUS LED Compact Site Light. Aptly named for its ability to fill an entire workspace with 360 degrees of light, the new high-output light provides maximum coverage for task, area, or overhead application.

LED Compact Cordless Site Light

“This new-to-world design will fundamentally change temporary lighting on job sites. Just one of these high output lights is able to accomplish the same job as several larger, corded products,” said Jason Isaacs, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “With the launch of the M18 RADIUS LED Compact Site Light, our users will no longer have to rely on extensions cords and outdated light technology, such as halogen or metal halide, to light their jobsites.”

Capable of providing 4400 lumens of light, the new M18 Compact Site Light can illuminate large workspaces for hours on a single charge. The Site Light features TRUEVIEW Technology, which utilizes the most advanced LED technology and optical designs to deliver a consistent beam, optimized color temperature, and true representation of colors and detail leading to a more productive work area.

The Site Light also has the versatility to hang upside down or horizontally through the use of integrated hanging features. An AC input and output also allows the user the option of stringing multiple lights together through the use of extension cords.

For the most complete control over light positioning, the Site Light’s 360 degree light can be directed through the use of Electronic Bay Switches. The Electronic Bay Switching also extends run time by giving the user the ability to turn off sections of the light that are not needed.

A durable high impact polycarbonate lens design can survive harsh jobsite conditions, delivering superior impact durability. Additionally, with an IP54 rating, the Site Light is protected from dust and water. Similar to all of Milwaukee’s high output LED lights, the new Site Light also features a limited lifetime LED warranty, and a 5-year warranty on the light.

For additional utility, the light also includes a carry handle for easy transportation to and from the worksite. Included with every light is a 3.5’ aluminum cable that will allow a user to secure the light in a particular location.

Powered by Milwaukee RED LITHIUM batteries*, the new M18 RADIUS LED Compact Site Light is compatible with the M18 cordless system, now offering more than 100 power tool products. Committed to its focus on the user and investment in game-changing technology, Milwaukee will continue to design and develop lighting solutions with the ability to adapt, perform and survive the demands of professional use.
*batteries sold separately


  • M18 RADIUS™ LED Compact Sit Light (2145-20) Coming July 2016
  • 4400 Lumens on high (2 hours of runtime)
  • 2100 Lumens on Medium (4 hours of runtime)
  • 1000 Lumens on Low (8 hours of runtime)
  • 10.7 lbs.

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