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Keeping it clean: how GROHE clean technology works

Keeping it clean: how GROHE clean technology works

MISSISSAUGA, ON – August 11, 2022 – In today’s modern world, many Canadians attempt to live a clean lifestyle – whether that be keeping your home free of germs and bacteria, eating clean foods, or protecting the environment. With innovation at the forefront of our products, GROHE has aimed to make clean living easier and more accessible through forward-thinking water technologies.

Touch and Hands-Free Technology

The kitchen is the heart of the home so keeping the space spotless and germ free is important. GROHE kept this in mind when designing its Kitchen Faucet Collections and with the introduction of Touch and Hands-Free Technology. The GROHE Minta™ Touch Kitchen Faucet Collection and GROHE Zedra Touch Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet are enhanced with GROHE Touch technology so they can be controlled with the lightest tap of a finger, hand, wrist, or forearm for minimal marks and bacteria spreading.

If a touchless experience is what you crave, GROHE FootControl offers hands-free operation of your kitchen faucet. Simply tap your foot on the sensor to turn your faucet on and off for a more hygienic kitchen design. If you don’t want to replace your current faucet, a Touchless Foot Control Retro-Fit Set is also available to convert any GROHE pull-out or pull-down kitchen faucet into a FootControl fixture. Whether you choose Touch or Hands Free, GROHE offers innovative solutions to keep your home clean without the added effort or stress.

DreamClean Rim


Cleaning the toilet isn’t anyone’s favourite chore, so GROHE carefully crafted the DreamClean Rim to make toilets shine without picking up a glove. This innovative rim design releases a powerful rush of water that scrubs the bowl top‑to‑bottom with every flush. The DreamClean Rim is featured in the Essence Elongated Dual Flush Toilet and the Eurocube Elongated Dual Flush Toilet so bathrooms will remain fresh and sparkling every day of the week.

Water Filtration


Living a clean lifestyle doesn’t only equate to maintaining a spotless home. It also means keeping your body and environment clean by being conscious about what we eat and drink. It takes an astonishing 7 litres of water to produce a single litre of bottled water, not to mention the energy used and CO² emissions created. Tap water is a more sustainable alternative, but often contains impurities that can affect your personal health. GROHE’s Filtered Water technology offers the best of both worlds by serving filtered tap water that reduces the use of plastic water bottles.

The GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling 2.0 Kitchen Faucet features a high-performance filter, cooler, and carbonator to deliver filtered still or sparkling water straight from the tap. The 5-step filtration process is made to remove even the slightest trace of impurities from the water, while retaining all the important minerals that benefit your health. Finally, you can enjoy refreshing, worry-free water in your home.

InfinaBright Coating


The bathroom can be one of the most high-touch and bacteria breeding spaces, so GROHE prioritized finding innovative technology and features to maintain a hygienic bathroom space. The InfinaBright Coating – a durable coating fused into fine fire clay that reduces dirt and the build-up of bacteria, mould, and mildew. The coating is featured in GROHE toilets and sinks like the Essence Elongated Dual Flush Toilet or the Eurocube® Undermount Bathroom Sink, the InfinaBright coating ensures the surface shines longer while limiting stains, odors, and germs on your fixtures for a clean and healthy living space.

Durable, Environmentally Friendly Finishes


Bathroom faucets and accessories can easily become riddled with handprints and water marks and, over time, the wear can cause a weak finish to tarnish, scratch, and chip. For a more durable fixture, the GROHE Essence Collection uses PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) – a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly finish technology. Available in five lustrous finishes, PVD is easy to clean with a single wipe and doesn’t require harsh or abrasive cleaning products to save you time and resources.


GROHE’s PVD is also ten times more scratch resistant and provides three times more surface hardness so that your fixtures and accessories can stay beautiful longer. With durable finishes you are free from purchasing replacement pieces as often for a low maintenance, sustainable lifestyle.

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