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High-quality exterior wood oil 

High-quality exterior wood oil 

ALIS by LIVOS is a three-in-one product: a sealer, protective oil, and stain for exterior wood surfaces. It provides maximum, long-lasting protection against weathering while preserving the natural look of the wood. Easy to maintain and re-touch. No need to sand the surface before refreshing the surface with a new coat of oil.

  • Livos wood oil is 100% natural and is exclusively composed of natural ingredients, healthy for your wood and your family.
  • Livos oil is an impregnating product that will penetrate and strengthen the wood, stain it and finish it, it’s an all-in-one finish.
  • You won’t need to sand over again and you just need to add some oil to refresh or repair damages.
  • As it is an impregnating product, there is no film forming, it doesn’t crack or peel and the covering power is larger than a regular chemical stain.

Available in 20 colour tones and in 750, 2.5 5 and 10 liter formats.

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