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Häfele Canada Loox wireless adjustable shelf lighting system

Häfele Canada Loox wireless adjustable shelf lighting system

Burlington, ON. (July 19, 2023) – Häfele is a global market leader in providing hardware solutions and innovation to the furniture, kitchen cabinet, architectural millwork and hospitality industries. Known for world-class lighting solutions in both residential and commercial design, Häfele has launched their new Loox Wireless Adjustable Shelf Lighting System in the Canadian market. For over 11 years, the Loox product line allows homeowners and business owners to customize the mood in any room with light through colour, intensity, alignment, and adjustable installation options.

This system of lighting for adjustable shelves uses the Loox plug-and-play LED lighting system and is composed of vertical bus bars that supply the power to the lighting components, allowing the shelf to either light the top or bottom components of the cabinetry, depending on how the lights are installed.

One side of the shelf is illuminated with a customizable LED lighting strip featuring a warm or cool colour temperature range. Available in 18”, 24”, 30” and 36” lengths, the flexible adjustment of illuminated shelves offers a practical solution for closets, kitchens and store fixtures. No cabling is required with the light source being connected to the spring contact via the Loox plug and play system.

Häfele delivers superior performance through German engineering and innovative technology. On average, Loox products last for 50,000 hours without any reduction in light quality. This translates to a 34 year lifespan if using the lighting for an average of four hours per day, or five years if the lighting is on 24 hours a day.

Interior designers interested in Häfele’s lighting solutions are encouraged to reach out to their millworker or cabinetry manufacturer to include in project plans.

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