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Guinevere miniature sanding and polishing system

Guinevere miniature sanding and polishing system

King Arthur’s Tools is proud to bring you a complete miniature sanding and polishing system – without equal! Guinevere® conforms to the shape of your work, whether concave, convex or flat. This patented system is ideal for difficult profiles, finishing small to medium carvings, boxes, bowls, musical instruments, duck decoys, walking sticks, fine furniture, toys, spoons, 3D-intarsia, taxidermy and a myriad of other DIY applications.

There are a seven different Guinevere® sets to choose from. Each set consists of a 1/2 HP, 3400 RPM motor, a flexible shaft and a range of sanding and polishing accessories. Other configurations are available for those who already have a 3,400 RPM motor. A wide range of additional accessories are also available.

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Guinevere sanding system


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