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Grizzly releases 21" variable-speed scroll saw with foot pedal on/off switch

Grizzly releases 21″ variable-speed scroll saw with foot pedal on/off switch

Bellingham, Washington – Grizzly Industrial, Inc. has released the G0969 21″ Variable-Speed Scroll Saw with Foot Pedal ON/OFF Switch.

This saw takes a unique approach to scroll cutting – the saw head tilts instead of the table, which means you have full support of the table when cutting bevels, without having to fight gravity while making intricate cuts.

The 28-1/2″ x 20″ stationary table is designed to support large workpieces and keep them level throughout the cutting process. Easily adjustable variable-speed from 400 to 1,550 RPM lets you dial in the exact speed you need for achieving detailed scroll cuts on a wide range of wood species.

A built-in flexible dust blower keeps your layout line visible and the cutting area clean for the ultimate in precision cutting. And convenient foot pedal operation gives you hands-free ON/OFF control.

This scroll saw also has a quick and easy tool-free blade changing feature, and a 2-1/2″ dust collection port located underneath the table for efficient dust removal at the source.

You can find this new variable-speed scroll saw on for a competitive price of $629.95 with $49.95 shipping.

Grizzly Industrial, Inc. is an industry-leading provider of wood and metalworking machinery, tools, and accessories. Now entering its 41st year of business, the company has built a strong reputation as a consistent provider of quality machines at great prices.

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