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Grizzly unveils powerful large-surface 20" disc sander for wood and metal

Grizzly unveils powerful large-surface 20″ disc sander for wood and metal

Bellingham, Washington — Grizzly Industrial unveils the high-performance G0967 20″ Variable-Speed Disc Sander, designed for both woodworking and metalworking environments.

With its extra-large sanding disc and variable speed functionality, ranging from slower speeds for precise metal sanding to higher speeds for efficient wood processing, this sander is a perfect choice for diverse workshop needs. It’s ideal for end grain work, shaping round corners, and quickly removing large amounts of material. The G0969 combines power, precision, and versatility for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Key Features

  • Large 20″ Disc Driven by a 2 HP Motor: This powerful combination delivers an expansive sanding surface and unstoppable power for rapid, efficient sanding of larger workpieces.
  • 3-Phase Variable-Speed with Single-Phase Compatibility: Designed for sanding both wood and metal, this machine offers a versatile speed range from 500 to 1,800 RPM. The built-in inverter allows it to operate on standard single-phase circuits while maintaining the efficiency and control of 3-phase variable speed.
  • Large Precision-Ground Cast-Iron Table: A 12″ x 25″ tilting cast-iron table with X- and Y-miter slots and an included miter gauge ensures precise material handling, even with large and heavy workpieces.
  • Enhanced Safety and Convenience: Equipped with a motor brake for immediate stops and a pedestal-mounted magnetic switch for easy operation.
    Dust Collection and Built-In Storage: Features a 4″ dust port for connecting to a dust collector and a large storage cabinet for organizing sandpaper discs, tools, and other items.
  • Sandpaper Type: Comes with a 60-grit disc and accepts all 20″ PSA discs.
  • Availability and Pricing: The G0967 is available now on Priced competitively at $1,995, with an additional $249 for freight costs, it offers unmatched value in its category.


For more information or to purchase this sander, see it at or call 1-800-523-4777.

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