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GRIPBlocks allow instant construction projects

GRIPBlocks allow instant construction projects

TORONTO — Who would have thought playing with blocks could result in rapidly built human-sized structures produced with environmentally friendly, sustainable materials?

Constructing with GRIPBlock, a Lego-like process, is not child’s play. Aluminum GRIPMetal joining technology is the key to GRIPBlock, both in the production of the blocks and the assembling of them into structures; structures limited only by the imagination of the builder.

“GRIPBlocks, which assemble easily and can solve many construction challenges, offering a quick, simple solution for turning otherwise difficult-to-use space into a productive environment,” explained Montu Khokhar, CEO of NUCAP and its subsidiary GRIPMetal which produces GRIPBlocks. “In addition, GRIPBlocks are a sustainable solution.”

GRIPBlock uses mechanical attachment technology – NRS Technology developed by NUCAP – in place of glue-based adhesives to create stronger and more lightweight building components than traditional construction materials.

Each 20-inch X 10-inch X 7.5-inch wood block is composed of layers of timber pressed into aluminum GRIPMetal strips. Thousands of hardened aluminum teeth bond the pieces, a bond which increases in strength over time. No glue or other adhesives are used in the production of the blocks, which means no toxic pollutants are produced. The materials used in the production of GRIPBlocks can range from discarded scrap pieces to young-harvested wood (a more sustainable variant), thus further emphasizing the environmentally friendly, sustainable nature of the blocks.

And in the building process, each GRIPBlock again utilizes aluminum GRIPMetal strips to secure it to another block, again no adhesives which could foul the environment.

Similar to Velcro®-enhanced blocks that hook together, the GRIPMetal blocks make it easy to construct strong, lightweight living, playing and working structures without requiring skilled labor. Using aluminum GRIPMetal strips to securely interlock one GRIPBlock to the one below it means no need for nails, screws or bolts, thus saving time and the need for specially trained workers.

“Building a GRIPBlock wall is like working with Lego blocks,” said Mark Lavelle, General Manager of GRIPBlocks. “Stacking the GRIPBlocks is all it takes to build a sturdy, secure wall.”

And if a block is misaligned during construction, simply pry it off and redo the process, a process which will take less than a minute. This ability showcases another sustainable aspect of GRIPBlocks – a structure can be designed as permanent or temporary, with the blocks easily repurposed if so desired.

And the types of structures can easily be scaled to produce larger structures – just add more blocks – or to create enclosed spaces into useful “rooms” within rooms.

“We can then use them for purposes beyond sheltering restaurant users, like turning a school gymnasium into several classrooms, thus allowing smaller class sizes without having to rebuild a school,” added Khokhar. “Again, a reusable, sustainable solution to many construction challenges – including many we have not even considered!”

For example, GRIPBlocks can be quickly assembled to provide the boards/enclosure for an outdoor hockey rink during the winter months. Once the calendar turns and the warmth of spring arrives, the same blocks can be repurposed to construct an enclosure for a restaurant’s seasonal outdoor dining.

Those two applications, hockey rink and outdoor dining, are just two of the many GRIPBlock applications already proven. This versatility, rapid deployment capabilities, relative low cost construction allowed GRIPBlocks to play a role in easing the burden of the pandemic.

One GRIPBlock application helped make “back to school” a safer reality in several Ontario educational institutions by turning unused large spaces – like gymnasiums – into “instant” temporary, permanent-feeling classrooms in large spaces (like gymnasiums) which allowed for smaller classes and social distancing without school renovations.

As restaurants turned to outdoor dining in the wake of Covid 19, GRIPBlocks allowed for erection of quick barriers to help shield the diners from passing pedestrians and the weather.

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