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Get inspired by GROHE luxury bathroom pieces for the contemporary home

Get inspired by GROHE luxury bathroom pieces for the contemporary home

MISSISSAUGA, ON – June 23, 2022 – In recent years, a home’s bathroom has evolved from a functional room into a personal retreat where homeowners and guests alike can experience the utmost relaxation. Contemporary homes are now incorporating high quality, sleek, forward-thinking fixtures to elevate the bathroom into a luxurious oasis.

Here are four must-have luxury bathroom fixtures to complete your contemporary bathroom:

Minimalist Faucets

Less is definitely more when it comes to bathroom faucets, and GROHE’s Essence Collection perfectly captures the minimalist aesthetic that exudes contemporary luxury. With little ornamentation, the smooth, curved lines of the Essence Widespread and Single-Handle Bathroom Faucets make a statement with precise craftsmanship and superior design. Available in five exquisite, long lasting finishes ranging from StarLight Chrome to our golden Brushed Cool Sunrise, the Essence Collection’s range of faucets perfectly balance style, function, and quality.

Technology-fueled Showers

Ultimate luxury starts with a customized shower experience. GROHE prides itself on being a leader in shower innovations, and our GROHE SmartControl provides the ideal water flow and temperature to satisfy your cravings – all with the push and turn of a button.

Designed with technology at the forefront, systems like the Grohtherm SmartControl Triple Function Thermostatic Valve Trim are packed with high-tech features like GROHE TurboStat®, which delivers your desired water temperature within a fraction of a second and maintains it throughout your shower.

For those looking to live a more water-conscious lifestyle, GROHE EcoJoy™ technology gives you the option of a reduced flow rate that doesn’t compromise on enjoyment. All housed in a sleek and slim design, GROHE SmartControl is sure to add an element of luxury to your contemporary bathroom.

Floating Statement Pieces

A key trend in contemporary bathroom design is limiting the use of heavy furniture and fixtures in an effort to make the room feel spacious and airy. Wall-mounted fixtures like GROHE’s Eurocube Wall Mount Bathroom Sink offers just that – a clean, geometric form that when mounted on its own or placed atop a floating vanity, makes a statement in an open setting. Made of fine fire clay, this sink is meticulously crafted and creates a luxe ambiance for homeowners and guests to relish in.

Smooth Skirted Toilets

Many would not make a direct connection between toilets and luxury, but with today’s modern designs and innovative technologies, these sleek porcelain fixtures can completely transform the bathroom into an oasis that spews elevated comfort.

The Essence Elongated Dual Flush Toilet from GROHE’s Essence Collection features a smooth, skirted design to conceal the trapway. This not only makes the fixture easier to clean, but offers a beautifully minimalist aesthetic to complement the other pieces in your space. The perfect blend of function and style, GROHE’s Essence Toilet also includes forward-thinking features such as a dual-flush system for an optional water-saving, but still powerful flush, and a soft closing seat and cover. It is truly contemporary elegance at its finest.

Equally beautiful as they are innovative, use GROHE’s collection of faucets, showers, toilets, sinks, and accessories to transform your bathroom into a contemporary, luxurious retreat.

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