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Free grindstones for life

Free grindstones for life

Buy your Tormek T-8 Original or T-4 Sharpening Systems NOW and get a FREE Grindstone for Life Certificate.


The Tormek Original Grindstone has been developed and optimized to combine the needs for a smooth metal surface, efficient steel removal and a long stone life. They will satisfactorily serve your sharpening needs for many years.


Should your SG-250 wear down to a diameter of 7″/178mm or your SG-200 wear down to 6″ / 150 mm, the certificate will entitle you to a new Tormek Original Grindstone free of charge.


To receive the Free Grindstone for Life Certificate:

  • Purchase your machine in July 2022
  • Register your machine before August 15, 2022
  • Register your machine at


This is a limited offer valid for Tormek T-8 Original and T-4 Sharpening Systems purchased in July 2022. Maximum of three stones per customer. New stone will be shipped free of charge. Your certificate will be sent out to you by September 15th. Valid in Canada only.


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  2. I waited years to be able to afford one of your sharpening unit’s and was finally able to do so in the spring of this year , then this shows up ? really bad timing I guess and now I have to save for the next few years to afford the 4000 stone ….. really ?

    1. Hi Patrick. We publish a magazine – we aren’t the manufacturers of the Tormek sharpening system. If you purchased your machine before July 2022 and registered your machine before August 15, 2022, you should be able to get the free grindstone. Simply contact the very helpful folks at Tormek: [email protected]. If you purchased the Tormek in Canada contact Big Bear Tools at 604-579-1292. Hope this helps.

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