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Fein offers 3 types of value-packed accessory kits

Fein offers 3 types of value-packed accessory kits

Regardless of which challenges you face when woodworking, with a cordless FEIN MULTIMASTER and the right accessories, you will master any task – from sawing flush with the surface and plunge cuts to sanding in tight places.

There are more than 180 accessories for FEIN multitools and tools from other brands, making it the largest range available anywhere in the world.

Best of sets include the most popular and best accessories for sawing and sanding work for both woodworking and metalworking. This makes the sets ideal for joinery, carpentry and interior renovation work. They’re available in Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax performance classes.

Combo sets contain three key accessories for special applications. They assist users working on flooring renovation jobs, sawing wood and metal, repairing tiled surfaces or cutting in tight spaces like in installations or model-building work. Combo sets come in the Starlock performance class.

Professional sets contain accessories for FEIN’s most powerful multitool, the MULTIMASTER 700 with StarlockMax tool mounting. The sets contain accessories for interior work and grout renewal.

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