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Exotic project board mix packs

Sponsored: With KJP Select Hardwoods you can confidently purchase quality wood online with three popular exotic woods in one pack. Padauk (with its distinct bright orange and red tone), purpleheart (ranges from medium brown with a purple hue to a bright purple) and mahogany (rich light brown and red tone) contrast with each other nicely and go well with many domestic woods. You select the length (24″ or 48″) and KJP will carefully handpick a 5″ to 6″ wide board of each species. With their quick shipping you can start the fun process of dressing them to their final sizes. This mix pack provides the perfect combination of quality wood and vibrant colours, ideal for projects such as cutting boards, picture frames, decorative boxes and more. Find out more about KJP’s exotic project board mix packs at

Exotic project board mix packs

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