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Enjoy woodworking without leaving your house!

Every woodworkers goal is to hand pick their own wood, but KJP offers the next best option for those not in driving distance to their store in Ottawa. When you purchase a board from their website, their staff will take the time to carefully sort through their lumber pile to select a high quality piece of wood. Why? Because they are all woodworkers themselves! They wouldn’t ship something they wouldn’t use themselves.

Enjoy woodworking without leaving your house!

KJP Select Hardwood’s extensive website has over 45 different species of wood. They also carry high end tools and woodworking products. They are more than what their name suggests…

Here are 5 popular items that can easily be shipped right to your front door:

Project Boards

These are rough cut boards ideal for you to mill to your final dimensions.

Baltic Birch

Whether you are building jigs, cabinets, or laser cutting: KJP has a variety of pre-cut sizes that can be easily shipped.

Live Edge Charcuterie Boards

We can all agree that the term charcuterie is over used, but it’s undeniable how nice they look! Choose from over 10 options.


They carry two Canadian brands: EcoPoxy and Chill.

Router Bits

Stop wasting your time with cheap bits. Invest in quality hardware that will save you headaches and money in the long run. They carry Whiteside & Amana and use them exclusively in their shop.

KJP Select Hardwoods

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