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Easy Inlay makes gilding easy with metal leaf and application starter kit

Easy Inlay makes gilding easy with metal leaf and application starter kit

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y., December 27, 2023 – Easy Inlay, a company dedicated to providing easy-to-inlay products to woodworkers, woodturners, and crafters, announces its new metal leaf line that makes adding a luxurious metallic gleam to projects easier and more affordable than ever. Easy Inlay provides everything needed to gild, including size adhesive, brushes, and more, all in one kit, along with metal leaf in gold, copper, and variegated gold sheets that are easy to handle, place, and buff to a glimmering shine.

“A lot of woodworkers want to try gilding, but using real gold can be expensive and difficult, and you have to buy a large jar of size adhesive, which you’ll never use up,” said Scott Grove, furniture maker, teacher, author, and founder of Easy Inlay. “We now offer everything you need for under $25, so more people can try it without breaking the bank.”

Metal leaf of twenty sheets each come in “Dutch” Gold (brass alloy), Copper (copper alloy), and Variegated Gold (brass alloy); Gold and Copper are $7.95, Variegated Gold is $9.95. The Application Starter Kit contains two 0.5-ounce quick oil size adhesive; one, one-inch application brush #5; one mop brush #12; and five polishing cloths, for $14.95.

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