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Crystal clear thin pours for woodworkers and artists

Sponsored: UVPoxy is a professional quality, high-performance epoxy system that’s UV-stable and produces a high build crystal clear finish. It’s an ideal solution for top coating, decorative coating and thin casting. UVPoxy resists yellowing, fading and cracking and is highly durable. UVPoxy is self-leveling and can quickly be built up in 1/8″ layers to a maximum 1/4″ thickness. Adding glitters and liquid and metallics pigments leads to marvelous creative expressions. Professional applicators prefer it over cheaper alternatives because of its proven performance, crystal-clear finish, high viscosity, low fading over time and unmatched reliability. inspired by hundreds of creative ideas from our customers by visiting the creative section of our website by visiting

Crystal clear thin pours for woodworkers and artists

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