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CANADAMASQ introduces the first and only CSA-certified respirator for kids

CANADAMASQ introduces the first and only CSA-certified respirator for kids

(TORONTO) – With its recent Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification, CANADAMASQ’s CA-N95 flat-fold respirator is the only CSA-approved respirator for children aged four and up.

“This is an exciting new category for certified respirators and we’re so proud to be the first,” says CANADAMASQ President Anthony Zhao. “Prior to the new respirator standards introduced during the pandemic, the sector relied on the American NIOSH N95s and even those didn’t have a category for children.”

“We’ve also worked extremely hard to have a breathable respirator that’s ideal for active children, thanks to our upgraded ultra-breathable filtration material, which we call Qflow.”

CANADAMASQ’s CA-N95 has the highest-level breathability rating (100 pascal) on the market and the Richmond Hill company is the first Canadian manufacturer of earloop and nosewire.

The combination of CSA certification and earloop/nosewire production is critical in ensuring Canada’s PPE stockpile is not only adequate, but self-sufficient.

“Since the children’s version is relatively new, we are focusing on raising awareness in the general public as well as in healthcare,” he said. “Like with the regular adult versions, we want parents to know that we have a high quality product that offers superior protection than procedure masks.”

Along with 15 respirator production lines, CANADAMASQ also has eight procedure-mask production lines and has a maximum capacity of 50 million masks and respirators per month.

Since CANADAMASQ was founded, it has made and sold more than 180 million masks and respirators, in its goal to help build Canada and Ontario’s PPE stockpile.

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