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BESSEY rotating trigger clamp

BESSEY rotating trigger clamp

The NEW BESSEY rotating trigger clamp is unlike anything else! This innovative patent-pending clamp allows the handle to rotate 360° around the rail. The ability to optimize the handle position for clamping (or spreading) improves both clamping ergonomics and tool versatility by allowing one to position the handle optimally for each job.

Key Features:

  • Versatile rotating handle – The patent-pending mechanism allows the adjustable handle to rotate 360 degree around the rail to optimize ergonomics and versatility.
  • Clamping in tight spaces – The adjustable handle allows clamping of several clamps
    side by side in a confined space.
  • Large clamping surface – Clamping force is distributed evenly. Work is protected by the soft touch removable pads.
  • Ergonomic composite handle – Ergonomically shaped composite handle with trigger makes it easy to achieve maximum clamping force with enhanced comfort.

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