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12-Inch Reciprocating Saw Blade for Rigid Insulation

TASK TOOLS Launches Innovative Rigid Insulation Reciprocating Blade

This blade outperforms all competing products.

Delta, BC, TASK TOOLS has developed a 12” Reciprocating Saw Blade for Rigid Insulation to provide contractors with a superior alternative for cutting and shaping rigid insulation quickly and easily. Terry Hamer, Product Manager at Task Tools said, “Until now, professionals have had little to choose from, using anything from bread knives to chain saws to expensive hot wire tools.  Contractors will find this new blade offers superior strength, accuracy, speed and flexibility.”

Precision crafted in Switzerland using premium quality, high carbon steel, this blade offers both strength and flexibility.  The blade features a sharp plunge tip and a wavy knife-edge for clean fast cuts and angular precision.  The plunge-cutting ability and ease-of-use make quick work of contour cutting for pipes, windows, doors, junction boxes, and vent outlets.  Unlike hot wire tools, this blade can be used in any weather and is environmentally friendly, causing less material waste and reducing pollution caused by other methods such as chainsaws.

Task Reciprocating Blades are available at building supply stores throughout Canada and the US.  They can also be purchased online at with fulfillment through local dealers.
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