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CBN grinding wheels

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels are made of synthetic abrasive that’s almost as hard as diamond and is best used on hard ferrous metals. CBN wheels don’t wear so they don’t need to be dressed or trued, and they remain the same diameter, meaning sharpening jigs don’t need to be reset in order to maintain the same geometry. The wheels have an exceptionally long service life.

The 4-in-1 Design wheel from Woodchuckers has four useable features:  

  • The face of the wheel is 1.25″ wide for normal sharpening.
  • 1/4″ radius on each side – our present best seller for sharpening hollowing tool bits and scrapers. 
  • A 1″ total side face of CBN material on both sides for non-hollow grinding skews and scrapers!
  • A 9mm 90-degree gap (about 1/3″) space shoulder on the inside edge of the grinding wheel for making relief cuts or tapers on hook type scrapers or box scrapers.

Mount a 4-in-1 Design wheel on a Rikon-80-808M 1 hp or a Rikon-80-805M 1/2 hp bare grinder for quick, precise grinding.

CBN grinding wheels
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