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Peter Fleming’s favourites

Peter Fleming stool

A few weeks ago, I talked with Peter Pierobon about his favourite pieces of furniture.

Fleming has been the head of furniture at Sheridan College in Ontario for the past 15 years and has just retired to focus more on his furniture-making work. I contacted Fleming, who was very pleased to not only be mentioned by Pierobon, but to also play along with this “Name Your Favourite” game I’ve been playing with furniture makers over the past six months.

When it came to singling out his favourite Canadian-made piece, Fleming mentioned Heidi Earnshaw and Gord Peteran. After I let him know they had both been mentioned previously, he selected another young maker to add to the conversation.

Rob Brown - [email protected]

Rob is a studio furniture maker and the editor at Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement.

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