Festool Launches Systainer3

Festool Systainer3

Festool Canada has unveiled its largest Systainer release ever with the new Systainer3 tool organization systems, providing efficient protection, storage and transportation of all tools and materials in the workshop or on the jobsite. This new generation of Systainers delivers a seamless connection to previous Systainer generations while bringing to life new products such as the Systainer3 XXL and the Systainer3 Organizer that ensure increased mobility and space utilization. Systainer3 products are designed in two widths for maximum compatibility: The M and L footprints. The M footprint is consistent with the widths of previous Systainers, while the L is designed to be larger for more storage and customization options.  

The Systainer3 lineup of rugged and convenient storage solutions has re-engineered the core components of the Systainer to match what customers need. Systainer3 comes equipped with an innovative feature in its built-in side-grooves that pair with the brand new Systainer3 Rails, enabling a DIY solution for end-users to build their own Sys-port racking system. The new rails detail how wide a cabinet needs to be to match the M or L size footprint, and then the Systainers lock into the rails for convenient storage and access. In addition, the Systainer3 products include either a front handle, for smaller Systainers that can easily be carried using the handle, or a front pull-out aid on the larger Systainers. Both become great handholds when part of the Systainer3 Rail system.

 “The versatility of the Systainer3 products allows Festool customers to stack, connect, organize and move their tools and consumables in such a simple fashion that saves time and allows more focus on the job at hand,” said Philip Strnad, marketing director for Festool Canada. “Systainer3 provides more solutions than ever before to build efficiency on the jobsite and is simply another way that Festool helps our customers deliver exceptional results.” 

The new generation of Systainers also features several improvements making the overall Festool system experience better. The Systainer3 products feature a third hinge to stabilize the rear wall ensuring greater stability. They also come equipped with Theft Tag slots for secure closure with the use of a lock or cable ties.

These features combine with the improved organization solutions of Systainer3 to deliver an improved workshop, transport or construction site experience. 

Available Systainer3 products:

  • Empty M & L-size systainers – available in nine sizes.
  • Empty XXL-size Systainers – available in two sizes.
  • Systainer Toolboxes – available in four sizes.
  • Systainer Organizers – six different product variations available.
  • The Sys-Cart – provides easy transportation of Systainer3 products.
  • Abrasive Systainers – available in five options, including two sets that contain abrasives.
  • The Router Bit Systainer – stores up to 40 router bits.
  • The Hand Tool Organizer Systainer – a specially designed wooden insert that keeps hand tools organized for storage and transport.
  • Systainer Accessories – accessories are available for additional organization and protection.
Festool Systainer3
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