Excellent noise protection, top notch sound quality, and a very respectable run-time

Isotunes LINK

Hearing protection is critical when working with machinery or power tools in a shop, on a job site, or around the home. Wireless earmuff (over-ear) headphones provide superior hearing protection and much better sound than either earbuds, earphones, or on-ear headphones. Their only disadvantage is that they’re bulkier and weigh more than the other styles of wearable listening devices. Still, for maximum protection, and a great listening experience, they’re hard to beat.

The ISOtunes LINK is a dual product – an earmuff that provides protection against harmful noise (it has a 24 dB noise reduction rating) and speaker headphones that provide high-fidelity stereo sound. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion batter that delivers up to 14 hours of run-time. For an even longer run-time you can swap out the included battery with 3 AAA batteries and get up to 28 hours of listening pleasure.

Available now at TEGS TOOLS.

Isotunes LINK

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