>Niagara Woodturners

Niagara Woodturners

Meet-up at the Lee Valley store in Niagara... Read more HERE
>Niagara Woodworking Club

Niagara Woodworking Club

Meets at North Pelham Community Hall, 1710 Maple... Read more HERE


Specialize in live edge lumber sales, sawing services... Read more HERE
>Yorgo Liapis

Yorgo Liapis

Toronto, Ontario studio furniture... Read more HERE
>Wyatt Walkem

Wyatt Walkem

Norval, Ontario studio furniture... Read more HERE
>Vic Tesolin

Vic Tesolin

St. Catharines, Ontario... Read more HERE
>Stephen Dalrymple

Stephen Dalrymple

Toronto, Ontario furniture... Read more HERE
>Robert Akroyd

Robert Akroyd

Stratford, Ontario furniture... Read more HERE
>Rob Brown

Rob Brown

Peterborough, Ontario based studio furniture maker (and editor... Read more HERE
>Peter Coolican

Peter Coolican

Toronto, Ontario studio furniture... Read more HERE
>Paul Lemiski

Paul Lemiski

Erin, Ontario chair... Read more HERE
>Konrad Sauer

Konrad Sauer

Kitchener, Ontario tool... Read more HERE
>Karen McBride

Karen McBride

Dunrobin, Ontario furniture... Read more HERE
>Jason Wheeler

Jason Wheeler

Port Perry, Ontario furniture... Read more HERE
>Jacques Breau

Jacques Breau

Ottawa, Ontario furniture... Read more HERE
>Heidi Earnshaw

Heidi Earnshaw

Toronto, Ontario furniture... Read more HERE
>Fred Miller

Fred Miller

Chatsworth, Ontario based furniture... Read more HERE
>David Atkinson

David Atkinson

Guelph, Ontario based furniture... Read more HERE
>Cirvan Hamilton

Cirvan Hamilton

Dorset, Ontario studio furniture maker Cirvan... Read more HERE
>Bruce Stuart

Bruce Stuart

Caledon, Ontario chair... Read more HERE
>Sheridan College

Sheridan College

Apprenticeship Training Programs and Honours Bachelor of Craft... Read more HERE
>St. Lawrence College

St. Lawrence College

Carpentry apprenticeship... Read more HERE
>Legacy Lumber

Legacy Lumber

Furniture grade lumber from salvaged urban trees using... Read more HERE
>Conestoga College

Conestoga College

Established in 1988, the Woodworking Centre of Ontario... Read more HERE
>Ottawa Valley Woodturners

Ottawa Valley Woodturners

Introduction to woodturning... Read more HERE
>Blackwood Guitar Making School

Blackwood Guitar Making School

Ted Brown gives 5-week guitar courses 4 times... Read more HERE
>Bear Mountain Boats

Bear Mountain Boats

Joan Barrett and Ted Moores have been helping... Read more HERE
>Mohawk College – skilled trades

Mohawk College – skilled trades

One of the largest trainers of apprentices in... Read more HERE
>Pat Wolfe Log Building School

Pat Wolfe Log Building School

One, four and ten weeks courses offered every... Read more HERE
>Jason Gibson’s School of Timber Framing

Jason Gibson’s School of Timber Framing

Specializes in traditional timber frame education and consulting.... Read more HERE
>Woodturner’s Guild of Ontario

Woodturner’s Guild of Ontario

The Woodturners Guild of Ontario (the "WGO") is... Read more HERE
>Waterloo-Wellington Woodturners Guild

Waterloo-Wellington Woodturners Guild

We are dedicated to advancing the art of... Read more HERE
>Valley Woodturners

Valley Woodturners

We offer beginner classes, mentoring programs and... Read more HERE
>Toronto Woodturners Guild

Toronto Woodturners Guild

The Toronto Woodturners Guild meets through the fall,... Read more HERE
>Marquetry Society of Canada

Marquetry Society of Canada

We are a not-for-profit society, our membership... Read more HERE
>Quinte Wood Carvers

Quinte Wood Carvers

We are a group of wood carvers that... Read more HERE
>Andrew J. Wainwright

Andrew J. Wainwright

Andrew Wainwright, a studio woodworker from Kitchener, ON,... Read more HERE
>Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter

Furniture maker Andrew Hunter on on woodworking books,... Read more HERE
>Big Ass Slabs

Big Ass Slabs

1000+ slabs to take your woodwork project from... Read more HERE
>Grand Valley Woodcarvers

Grand Valley Woodcarvers

Club meets every Thursday from September to April... Read more HERE
>Townsend Lumber

Townsend Lumber

Domestic hardwood and custom... Read more HERE
>The Wood Source

The Wood Source

Domestic and exotic hardwood lumber, specialty and exclusive... Read more HERE
>Sawmill Sid

Sawmill Sid

Provides custom sawmilling and carries a wide range... Read more HERE
>The Wood Shed

The Wood Shed

The Wood Shed is widely known as one... Read more HERE


A supplier of woodturning tools, machinery and accessories,... Read more HERE
>William Wood Write

William Wood Write

Canada's premier, one-stop shopping source for penmaking supplies... Read more HERE
>Tersa Knives

Tersa Knives

Canada's source for Tersa planer knives and RALI... Read more HERE
>TEGS Tools

TEGS Tools

A leading Canadian retailer of woodworking hand tools,... Read more HERE
>Stockroom Supply

Stockroom Supply

A family owned and operated company that manufactures... Read more HERE


Sheartak Tools Ltd. is the No. 1 supplier... Read more HERE


Rust-Oleum Corporation is a worldwide leader in protective... Read more HERE
>R&D Bandsaws

R&D Bandsaws

A Canadian company that specializes in high quality... Read more HERE
>Workshop Supply

Workshop Supply

Family-owned since 1985, Workshop Supply provides a wide... Read more HERE
>Peacock Lumber

Peacock Lumber

A family-owned local business that specializes in many... Read more HERE
>Paccione Construction

Paccione Construction

Environmentally friendly wood surfaced live edge slabs and... Read more HERE
>Oliver Lumber

Oliver Lumber

Stocks over 15 million board feet of top... Read more HERE
>Old Schoolhouse Mill

Old Schoolhouse Mill

We specialize in unique hardwood live edge wood... Read more HERE
>Northfield Trim & Door

Northfield Trim & Door

Provides a wide range of trim and moulding... Read more HERE
>NADURRA Wood Corporation

NADURRA Wood Corporation

Reclaimed heritage wood flooring, eco wood and bamboo... Read more HERE
>Monaghan Lumber

Monaghan Lumber

A family-owned business that provides superior expertise and... Read more HERE
>Fuji Spray

Fuji Spray

A leading manufacturer of pro quality HVLP turbines... Read more HERE
>Alex Low

Alex Low

Ottawa based furniture maker Alex Low focuses on... Read more HERE
>Adrian Ferrazzutti

Adrian Ferrazzutti

Adrian Ferrazzutti is a furniture maker working in... Read more HERE
>Bessey Tools

Bessey Tools

The world's leading manufacturer of high quality woodworking... Read more HERE


Eco-friendly adhesives and... Read more HERE
>Hoffmeyer’s Mill

Hoffmeyer’s Mill

White pine lumber, red pine and oak flooring.... Read more HERE
>Hanford Lumber

Hanford Lumber

Domestic timbers, decking and... Read more HERE
>Hamilton Wood Products

Hamilton Wood Products

Hardwood, softwood, reclaimed wood, kiln... Read more HERE
>Distillery District Wood

Distillery District Wood

Reclaimed from the Historic Gooderham & Worts Distillery... Read more HERE
>Clarence Creek Wood Select

Clarence Creek Wood Select

Domestic and exotic hardwood, live-edge slabs, carving and... Read more HERE
>Chisholm Lumber

Chisholm Lumber

Wholesale kiln dried domestic hard and... Read more HERE
>Century Porch Post

Century Porch Post

Woodturning products for the renovation and new construction... Read more HERE
>Century Mill

Century Mill

Domestic and exotic lumber and custom... Read more HERE
>Canadian Salvaged Timber

Canadian Salvaged Timber

Local, high quality salvaged wood in the form... Read more HERE
>Bytown Pro

Bytown Pro

Dimensional lumber and sheet... Read more HERE
>B.C.W. Lumber

B.C.W. Lumber

Rough lumber, dimensional lumber, sheet... Read more HERE
>North on Sixty

North on Sixty

hardwoods, reclaimed, slabs and figured... Read more HERE
>Canadian Hardwood Supplies

Canadian Hardwood Supplies

Locally and sustainably sourced domestic hardwood... Read more HERE
>Exotic Woods

Exotic Woods

Provides premium and unique woods from around the... Read more HERE
>Ottawa City Woodshop

Ottawa City Woodshop

A wide range of courses for all skill... Read more HERE
>Pirollo Designs

Pirollo Designs

Live and online classes in a wide range... Read more HERE
>Vic Tesolin Woodworks

Vic Tesolin Woodworks

Private instruction (in-person &... Read more HERE
>Aircraft Spruce & Co.

Aircraft Spruce & Co.

Specialty plywood, balsa and spruce project... Read more HERE
>A&M Wood Specialty

A&M Wood Specialty

Over 120 species of fine hardwoods, veneers, burls,... Read more HERE
>The Wood Shed

The Wood Shed

Rough sawn, sheet goods, turning and carving blanks,... Read more HERE
>Ottawa Woodworkers Association

Ottawa Woodworkers Association

Meets once a month at the Bethany Baptist... Read more HERE
>London’s Community Woodshop

London’s Community Woodshop

A place where you can experiment, learn new... Read more HERE
>Kitchener-Waterloo Woodworking & Craft Centre

Kitchener-Waterloo Woodworking & Craft Centre

Our centre is a socially inclusive environment where... Read more HERE
>Kingston Wood Artisans

Kingston Wood Artisans

Excellence through knowledge and workmanship. Sharing ideas and... Read more HERE
>Durham Woodworking Club

Durham Woodworking Club

Meets at 66 Simcoe Street South, Oshawa (entrance... Read more HERE
>Algonquin College

Algonquin College

42 week Cabinetmaking and Furniture Technician diploma... Read more HERE
>Black Walnut Studio

Black Walnut Studio

One-on-one instruction in the Black Walnut Studio shop,... Read more HERE
>Franklin Horner Community Center

Franklin Horner Community Center

Basic courses in woodworking and wood turning are... Read more HERE
>Passion for Wood

Passion for Wood

Seminars run from September to June on many... Read more HERE
>Mohawk College

Mohawk College

Woodworking and home improvement... Read more HERE
>KJP Select Hardwoods

KJP Select Hardwoods

Choose from over 35 species of domestic and... Read more HERE
>Rosewood Studio

Rosewood Studio

The Rosewood Studio provides aspiring furniture makers of... Read more HERE
>The Unplugged Workshop

The Unplugged Workshop

Artisan, Designer, and Maker Programs using traditional hand... Read more HERE