Clubs / Community

>Niagara Woodturners

Niagara Woodturners

Meet-up at the Lee Valley store in Niagara... Read more HERE
>Niagara Woodworking Club

Niagara Woodworking Club

Meets at North Pelham Community Hall, 1710 Maple... Read more HERE
>New Brunswick Woodcarving Association

New Brunswick Woodcarving Association

Dedicated to the advancement of, and the promotion... Read more HERE


Our space occupies about 6500 square feet consisting... Read more HERE
>Ottawa Valley Woodturners

Ottawa Valley Woodturners

Introduction to woodturning... Read more HERE
>Woodturners Association of Manitoba

Woodturners Association of Manitoba

We meet the second Thursday (usually) of each... Read more HERE
>Woodturner’s Guild of Ontario

Woodturner’s Guild of Ontario

The Woodturners Guild of Ontario (the "WGO") is... Read more HERE
>West Island Woodturners

West Island Woodturners

West Island Woodturners is a non-profit organization promoting... Read more HERE
>Waterloo-Wellington Woodturners Guild

Waterloo-Wellington Woodturners Guild

We are dedicated to advancing the art of... Read more HERE
>Valley Woodturners

Valley Woodturners

We offer beginner classes, mentoring programs and... Read more HERE
>Toronto Woodturners Guild

Toronto Woodturners Guild

The Toronto Woodturners Guild meets through the fall,... Read more HERE
>Suncoast Woodcrafters Guild

Suncoast Woodcrafters Guild

We are a non-profit organization promoting the craft... Read more HERE
>Marquetry Society of Canada

Marquetry Society of Canada

We are a not-for-profit society, our membership... Read more HERE
>Richmond Carvers

Richmond Carvers

We are a non profit organization dedicated to... Read more HERE
>Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers

Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers

The Vision of the Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers... Read more HERE
>Quinte Wood Carvers

Quinte Wood Carvers

We are a group of wood carvers that... Read more HERE
>Northern Alberta Wood Carvers Association

Northern Alberta Wood Carvers Association

Our mission is to promote and support the... Read more HERE
>The Artisan Sculptors of the Cantons

The Artisan Sculptors of the Cantons

Meets each Monday afternoon between October and May... Read more HERE
>Grand Valley Woodcarvers

Grand Valley Woodcarvers

Club meets every Thursday from September to April... Read more HERE
>Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers

Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers

Meets every Wednesday from 6:30 to 9:00pm at... Read more HERE
>Calgary Carvers Social Club

Calgary Carvers Social Club

Meets Tuesday evenings from 7 - 9 pm... Read more HERE
>Vancouver Island Woodworkers Guild

Vancouver Island Woodworkers Guild

The Guild meets on the second Tuesday of... Read more HERE
>Southern Alberta Woodworkers Society

Southern Alberta Woodworkers Society

Our mandate is to promote fine woodworking to... Read more HERE
>South Saskatchewan Woodturners Guild

South Saskatchewan Woodturners Guild

Meets at 7:00 pm on the third Tuesday... Read more HERE
>Saskatchewan Woodworkers Guild

Saskatchewan Woodworkers Guild

Interests of the members include all phases of... Read more HERE
>Ottawa Woodworkers Association

Ottawa Woodworkers Association

Meets once a month at the Bethany Baptist... Read more HERE
>Miller Woodgood

Miller Woodgood

A not-for-profit woodworking co-operative. Our aim is to... Read more HERE
>Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild

Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild

A resource for people interested in all facets... Read more HERE
>London’s Community Woodshop

London’s Community Woodshop

A place where you can experiment, learn new... Read more HERE
>Kitchener-Waterloo Woodworking & Craft Centre

Kitchener-Waterloo Woodworking & Craft Centre

Our centre is a socially inclusive environment where... Read more HERE
>Kingston Wood Artisans

Kingston Wood Artisans

Excellence through knowledge and workmanship. Sharing ideas and... Read more HERE
>Kamloops Woodworker’s Guild

Kamloops Woodworker’s Guild

Meets the first Thursday of each month at... Read more HERE
>Durham Woodworking Club

Durham Woodworking Club

Meets at 66 Simcoe Street South, Oshawa (entrance... Read more HERE
>Central Alberta Woodworkers Guild

Central Alberta Woodworkers Guild

Provides a forum for sharing knowledge, information, and... Read more HERE
>Atlantic Woodworkers’ Association

Atlantic Woodworkers’ Association

Meets from 6:45 to 8:45 pm on the... Read more HERE